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The Phenomenals: A Tangle of Traitors by F.E. Higgins

Something a little different this evening methinks… Welcome to Degringolade, where the tar pits bubble and superstition reigns supreme. The annual scarifice to the Lurids is about to begin and murder, mischief and malodorus magic are afoot. Enter the new alliance, the Phenomenals: Folly Harperlaine, a dark arts dabbler with a perculiar interest in the zombie-like Lurids; Vincent Vedrigis, light

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Claude in the Spotlight by Alex T. Smith

Funny, silly fun for the under 8’s! One day, after a late night ghost story reading session, Claude and his highly-strung friend Mr Bobblysock decide to amble into town for a walk. Once there, they soon find themselves joing in with a children’s dance class and after a few brief problems involving Claude’s rather plump tummy and a particularly ticklish

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