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Monkey Wars by Richard Kurti

This book looks at the politics and psychology behind power, only through the eyes of the various monkeys that live in the city of Calcutta. A brutal massacre drives the Rhesus monkeys out of their peaceful graveyard home and onto the dangerously territorial streets of the city. Meanwhile, the triumphant Langur monkeys celebrate driving out the monstrous Rhesus’ and the

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Doodle Bites by Polly Dunbar

Mmmmm…. bitey bitey! One day Doodle wakes up feeling bitey, and after taking a few chomps out of the cereal boxes and the sofa, she makes the mistake of eyeing up Tumpty’s bottom. Tumpty is understandably not impressed, and evens the score by bringing all his elephantine weight on Doodle’s tail. With everyone in tears, it’s up to Pru and

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A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton

Been meaning to put this up for a while. Besides, how can I not put up a review of a book with an owl? I am BooKa Uhu, after all!  Publisher: Walker Books Ltd ISBN: 9781406333831 Published: 2/5/2011 Poor little owl! He’s fallen out of his nest and can’t find his mummy! Luckily, Squirrel will help him. As Owl describes

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